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When I was younger, my uncle had a TRS-80 stowed away in the garage out back. I was astonished by this treasure I found. I remember reading these adventure books, where the output from code entered into the computer, would provide different endings to the chapter.

Computers were simple then, but today they evolved into these complex systems that make life better. Real Estate has followed a similar path of complexity. The simple purchase of a home has evolved into multi page contracts, coordinating inspectors, loan documents, daily showings, understanding value, and so much more.

Buying and selling homes may seem daunting for some, but for me I enjoy it. Helping someone list their home, or buy that special house takes me back to that feeling of reading those adventure books. Every experience is an adventure, with a unique and amazing ending

If you’re wanting to know who I am, I'm simply a REALTOR® looking to make someone's life a little bit better and have some fun along the way.

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