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Abby is new to being a realtor. She began her journey in March of this year and received her license in early August. Her new entrance to the world of real estate will not stop her from being your most motivated and detail-oriented realtor.


Abby grew up in Kansas. Hungry to explore more of what the states had to offer her, she went to school in Boston where she received her bachelor’s in marine science. She then decided to continue her education in Connecticut where she achieved her master’s in environmental science. During her time in graduate school she studied for a bit in The Bahamas where she met her now husband, a native from northern Mississippi. They married last October on the beach in Gulfport. Their wedding made Abby fall in love with the gulf coast and they decided to move to the Biloxi area. It was very soon after the move that Abby decided she wanted to dive into the world of real estate.


When Abby isn’t practicing real estate, she is an avid volunteer with the disaster response organization Team Rubicon. She was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to aid and clean up after the massive flood event that ravaged Warren county, MS.