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We are committed to providing you with the “Best Fully-Integrated Real Estate Technology Platform” in the region. Our technology solutions include a vast array of productivity tools, which are anchored by our exclusive web platform - The Enterprise Network powered by Booj. This market exclusive technology is comprised of the top independent real estate companies in the United States that share information, strategy, and a unified platform… you’ll see that this platform is truly the most innovative in the industry! 

Since over 90% of home buyers start their home search online, it is so important to have the best real estate website and mobile app that provides clients with as much information in the most user-friendly manner. Through our strategic partnerships, GARDNER empowers YOU with the most innovative technology available in the real estate industry. Our revolutionary website and mobile app are the first fully responsive designs in our region, so your clients will get the same awesome experience whether they are on their desktop, iPhone/Smartphone, or iPad/Tablet… as we like to say - Be Original Or Jealous! 

In addition to our customizable REALTOR websites and Mobile App, GARDNER offers several affordable technology packages that assist you in branding yourself and to keep in touch with your clients year round.

Our 24 company-owned neighborhood offices are fully-equipped with the following to support you: 

  • High Speed Wireless Internet - provides you with fast, reliable and secure access. 
  • Color Laser Printer/Fax/Scan Devices - multifunction devices for all your imaging needs. 
  • Voice Over IP Phone System - your office calls can be routed to your cell phone and voicemails via your email. 
  • Dell Desktop Computer Workstations - you have access to reliable computer hardware and software. 
  • SkySlope - Fully Integrated Transaction Management & Digital Signature Platform - to keep you in control of all your transactions. 
  • GARDNER Google Apps - Strategic partnership with Google to empower you with the top Business Apps including eMail, calendar, drives, security and reliability. 
  • My Business Center - Exclusive Intranet that provides you with a centralized dashboard to control your business. 
  • Market Analyzer Tools - you have access to Level II Data to analyze market trends, provide pertinent info to your buyers and sellers.
  • Help Desk - Call or email our internal GARDNER technology support services.

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Family of Services

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