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Top Five Tips for Moving With Kids

As a Real Estate agent, I love celebrating moving day with you. I’ve been there for a lot of moving days, and I’ve heard a lot of moving stories. Boxes pile up. Things get lost. Expenses pile up. Moving comes with a lot of stresses, we know. So, while making your moving checklist, don’t forget about one of the most important factors in moving — your kids! Moving can be just as hard on your kids. So, let’s take a look at a few ways you can make moving with kids fun!

Did you move as a kid? Do you remember your parents breaking the news to you? That can be a tough moment for a child. Kids like routines — school, friends, church, etc. But, change can be fun, too! So, make a big deal out of it, and make it fun. Recently, friends of ours moved to Guatemala and to tell her students about the move, our friend did an exploding volcano experiment with them. This makes the news fun and exciting.
As Southerners, we tend to like parties. We throw parties for almost EVERYTHING, so why should moving be any different? Like the volcano idea, make it a theme party that pertains to your move. Invite all your children’s friends and make sure they know that they can still stay in touch no matter how far away you move.

Ok, so purging isn’t the most “fun” thing on my list. But, let’s be honest, kids tend to have A LOT of stuff. Make a game out of it, and give points for your kids donating clothes they don’t wear and toys they don’t play with. The winner gets ice cream (ok, everyone deserves a little ice cream after packing/moving).

*For additional tips for moving with kids and pets, click here!

This idea is two-fold. One idea is to get your kids involved in the actual moving process. Giving them ownership of the actual move will go along way in ensuring everyone is happy! So, let your kids decorate the boxes. Let them take photos of their room and make a scrapbook of memories. The more you can include your kids in each step of the process, the more fun everyone will have!

As I said before, kids like routines. From what they eat at the school cafeteria to who they talk to at Taekwondo, normal is good. So, to the best of your ability, make sure these routines stay intact. Decorate their room in the exact same way as their old one. Wake up at the same time you always do. Order from Papa John’s on Pizza Tuesdays. Whatever routines your child and your family have, keep doing them after the move. This will make your new house feel like home and keep your kid happy!

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5 Issues You May Face When Inheriting a House
By Alex Lehr
RISMEDIA, Tuesday, October 02, 2018— The recent death of legendary singer Aretha Franklin initially posed a quandary for her four surviving sons. Because she didn't leave a will, her $80 million fortune—including Franklin's numerous real estate holdings—likely will take longer to divide, and the process could become very complicated.
Although Franklin's sons appointed her niece to execute the estate, the situation brings to mind how family feuds and other problems can potentially result when inheritance portions aren't clearly defined, or when an executor may be in over their head. Many newfound executors can face uncertainty and feel stress when inheriting a property after the death of a loved one.
Inheriting a property can come as a shock and may feel like an insurmountable obstacle. In the wake of a family tragedy or death, being the executor of an estate can be especially challenging. And the biggest asset in an estate—and the most difficult to resolve—is usually a house.
Here's a list of important decisions an executor may face when a house is part of an inheritance:
Keep, rent or sell? Competing interests among siblings can make the right decision difficult. Caught in the middle, the executor has to ask the heirs to keep their emotions under control and put the rational facts on the table. Selling is often the best decision if medical bills, tax issues or other reasons require cashing out, and it produces a specific amount that can be divided equally.
Can you manage a property investment? When considering keeping the property in the family, the executor needs to be objective about the beneficiaries' dependability. Would you choose the other beneficiaries to be your partners in any long-term investment? Could they get divorced, go bankrupt or bring other entanglements? If you decide to rent the property, there are issues to consider, such as the local market for rentals and your ability to maintain the property.
Establishing value of the property. If one heir or beneficiary wants to buy the house, the estate must determine the market value and get a fair price for the heirs and beneficiaries. One way is to get two appraisals, and to look at estimates from a real estate website such as Zillow. Alternatively, the executor can put the property on the market with the expressed provision that one of the heirs has the right of first refusal to match the highest offer.
Repair and renovate? The executor must make sure the house is maintained in good condition, necessary repairs are carried out, and that it's kept insured. An executor can be personally liable for failure to maintain a property that results in losses for the heirs. How much work is worthwhile before putting a home on the market? That's a big question that depends on the property and circumstances.
Furnished or unfurnished? It's not unusual for an inherited home to be filled with a 30-year accumulation of stuff. In most cases, when the property goes on the market, thinning out the furnishings will help it show better. Nine out of 10 buyers first see the home in online photos.
Being an executor is a high-responsibility, time-consuming, and often thankless job that people often take on while grieving. It's up to the executor to assess not only the physical assets of an estate, but also the people and emotions involved.
This appeared first on RISMedia's Housecall.
Alex Lehr is the author of The Unexpected Sale: Guidance For The Executor/Administrator Of An Estate. Involved in the real estate business for three decades, Lehr operates a concierge-type real estate firm with an increased focus on selling estate and trust properties—over 700 to date.
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