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What to Ask an Agent During a Listing Presentation

Ready to sell your home? I think it’s a great idea, especially since there are many benefits to selling while interest rates are relatively low. Once you’ve made the decision to list, the next biggest question is who will you list with? You want someone who is with a company that will offer you the most support, is familiar with your local market and has the expertise in the latest marketing techniques needed to get your home sold quickly. An agent’s job is to sell you on their qualifications. It’s your job to weed through the sales pitch and become an active participant in the process. Think of it like a job interview, except this time, you’re the interviewer! As a Realtor, I know that choosing who will list your home is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make, and I’m here to help. Let’s look at exactly what you should ask an agent during a listing presentation.

1. What can you tell me about your time in the residential Real Estate business?

I work for a company in Gardner Realtors that has been in the Real Estate game for over 75 years, so I certainly value experience. There are hard-earned lessons that come only from years of experience. By choosing a Realtor licensed with an experienced and reputable company, you can rest assured that if bumps in the road occur, you’ll be backed by experts who know how to handle anything!

2. What kind of experience do you have in my local market?

Speaking of experience…. where can be just as important as how much. I strongly believe in the power of the local expert. Not all markets are created equal; they are constantly evolving, and they can be different from just one street over. So, you want to ask how much experience they have in your market, even in your neighborhood more specifically. Hyper-local experience can be a priceless tool in your seller’s tool chest, so make sure your agent has it!

3. Can you lay out your marketing strategy for selling my home?

Especially in today’s world of fast-action, one-click, instant gratification, marketing is the lifeblood of Real Estate. This is when I will tell you what kind of strategy I will use to gain exposure for your home. You should research my social media and personal website, ask what mediums I’ll use and what kind of combination of print or digital media I plan to use. Will I market your home both locally and globally? Will I use professional photography? Marketing your home is a 24/7 job, and it’s my job as an agent to be ready with a strong, proven game plan.

4. Are there any upgrades we can make to improve the value of our home?

This is a great way to test the skills of an agent. Ask what kind of minor upgrades could have a great effect on the listing price of your home. It’s nice to have fresh eyes on your home to see if there is anything you can do to help the bottom line. Similarly, ask me if there are aspects of your home that are hurting its value. A knowledgeable Realtor like the ones at Gardner will more than likely have a few reasonable options for you.

5. What is your philosophy on open houses?

Believe it or not, open houses aren’t a given in the Real Estate world. Some agents may not see the value in them. And maybe you do. That’s why it’s important to be on the same page. Will you have open houses? Is there great value in having them? If so, who will take care of setting the house up and making sure everything is perfect for potential buyers? This is surprisingly a hot-bed issue and these are all great questions to have answered on the front end of your conversation.

6. How would you price my home, and what factors led you to that decision?

Now we’re getting into the nitty-gritty: pricing. You may have an over-inflated view of your home and your property. Or, you may not be giving it enough credit. This is why it’s so, so important to have a local expert who understands your market. What are houses going for in your area? What is a price that we can agree is good for us but will also attract buyers? This is a big decision. We all know how sensitive the subject of finances can be, so it’s important to be on the same page and set a clear goal together!

7. Why should I pick you and what sets you apart from the crowd?

Finish the deal. It comes down to a simple question: why should you choose me? This is the time where you cut to the chase and see what kind of selling skills I have. There are a lot of Real Estate agents out there; what makes me so much better? Let’s be honest, if I can’t sell you on myself, you probably won’t feel comfortable in my ability to sell your home. Take your time, evaluate priority list and go with the Realtor who has the most support from their company and dedication to selling your home.

Are you ready to find a trusted local expert to sell your home? Let’s chat today!

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