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About Me

Can you imagine living just an hour away from Disney World and Cinderella's castle? Megan grew up just outside of Tampa, Florida where she played with Barbies for hours on end and as she grew up, she started helping her mom bake holiday roll out cookies from scratch in the kitchen. In a place surrounded by such wonder, it's easy to see why she began to love beautiful homes and nurture an interest in real estate in general.

"The dynamics of family life within a home have always intrigued me," Megan said, "and I am determined to help others create a life they love, starting with their home! I want everyone I work with to have the most enjoyable memories of their home life - memories that'll stick with you from childhood through adulthood and carry you where you're meant to be in this world. The house that becomes a home is the setting for those meaningful memories. That's what I'm passionate about and want to help everyone find."

After graduating from Highlands College, Megan took the leap of a lifetime and moved down to New Orleans and soon after, got married to the unexpected man of her dreams. She worked as a teacher for nearly a decade then took a risk to come work for Gardner to pursue her passion of helping others make their dreams come true!

In her work as Office Administrator each day at Gardner, Megan works alongside the agents at the Lakeview Office to build their clients' dreams. Her sharpened leadership skills provide high-quality training, personalized, and even keel service to each and every person she works with to help them with the next step in their journey.

Megan loves to take the morning slow by reading a good book in her breakfast nook while sipping a cup of coffee (with almond milk creamer) as the morning light peers in through the window. She loves serving the GNO through her local church and is passionate about living life to the full and helping others do the same.