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Kathy DeLatte - Gardner Realtors

About Me

I am an Associate Broker/Sales Manager with GARDNER REALTORS managing both the Folsom and Hammond offices. GARDNER REALTORS is the largest and most successful local (non-franchised) real estate company in Louisiana and Mississippi.

For over 76 years GARDNER has been home grown, locally owned and internationally known. I have been with the company for over 24 of those years. During this time I have gathered the knowledge and experience needed to assist my agents in establishing successful careers in real estate.

As a member of the GARDNER REALTORS "team" we have connections to the very best real estate companies through the worldwide invitation-only network. Leading Real Estate Companies of the World includes over 500 market-leading real estate firms. We sell over one million homes and connect tens of thousands of buyers and sellers through our network each year.

Give me a call today so I can explain the steps it takes to get started on your new career in real estate!

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5/5 Stars

Rita Rebouche
""My manager,, Kathy,, is one of the best. Her knowledge of real estate is undeniably one of the best in the business. She listens to our issues,, then processes them and helps us to see various ways to deal with our challenges. She is able to apply her knowledge and understanding of real estate with everyone with whom she works.""

5/5 Stars

Dee Markey
""Kathy DeLatte has been my manager at Gardner Realtors for the past 7 years. There has never been a time (during office hours,, nights,, and weekends too) when I have needed help when she has not been there 100% for me. Kathy always has an answer to any questions we ask,, no matter how unusual it is. She has been a patient and kind person in guiding myself and the other agents to build a better career for ourselves. Kathy's meetings are always instructive and informative in keeping us abreast of all the newest information in real estate. I,, as well as others,, depend on and love working with Kathy.""

5/5 Stars

Pat Tucker
""Kathy DeLatte is our manager at the Hammond office of Gardner Realtors. She is a blonde "fireball" that never seems to tire. No matter where she is (even in Disney) she will answer a text or phone call when we have a question. Kathy runs from Folsom to Hammond offices and takes good care of both. She's always there to help with a smile on her face! I don't know what we would do without her as she even pitches in to answer phones when the duty agent doesn't show up! I want to thank whoever hired Kathy for our office because she's a real special person!!""

5/5 Stars

Craig Meyer
""Upon entering the field of real estate,, the next choice was which broker to choose. After meeting with several brokers,, the decision to work with Kathy was an easy one and has proven correct. Kathy is extremely knowledgeable and helpful with any transaction I have been involved. Her vast experience in real estate has been helpful to me as a new agent. She truly cares about her agents with their success and about their personal lives. Working with Kathy has been quite an enjoyable experience.""

5/5 Stars

Elaine Mier
""Kathy does a great job keeping the real estate professionals in her office up to date on any changes or updates occurring within our company or in the industry in general. She is knowledgeable and always easy to get in touch with and quick to respond to any questions that arise. Always smiling and a joy to work with,, she goes the extra mile to make Gardner Realtors a fantastic company to work with!""

5/5 Stars

Michael Peats
""Our broker,, Kathy DeLatte,, at the Folsom Gardner Realtors' Office,, is always available and willing to help in any way when we have issues. She is very knowledgeable and is always willing to go the "extra mile" to help us.""

5/5 Stars

Glenn Butler
""In both my observations and personal experiences,, Kathy DeLatte has been an exceptional office manager. She has taken the time to get to know each agent in our office as well as she possibly could and I believe that this has helped her manage possible crises when particular situations have arisen with our line of work. She does a terrific job of balancing and maintaining the lines between manager and co-worker. She takes pleasure in keeping all of her agents informed and ahead of situations. Whenever an issue arises,, she does not cower. There is open and honest conversation and the problem is dealt with as efficiently and effectively as possible. She is always motivational and is bastion of knowledge in the real estate industry. Kathy also has a fervor for recruiting. Her enthusiasm has helped bring several new agents into our fold and still there are more in the pipeline. Her promotion of the scholarship program is undying. Kathy's efforts and accomplishments amaze me and have me looking forward to being at the office every day. With her guidance,, our office has held it's own and will continue to grow.""

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