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  •  A dynamic, full-time professional, fiercely committed to advocating on your behalf.
  • A keen insight on clients' needs and sharp eye for the potential of space that is helpful to sellers considering homes.
  • A creative thinker on the cutting edge of marketing theory, technology applications, and customer service.
  • A positive and respectful attitude, kind nature and tenacious work ethic brought to every deal.  
  • Active role in community through involvement in New Orleans Museum of Art, Preservation Society, March of Dimes, and Save Our Cemeteries.


 Elizabeth represents clients in all aspects of residential and commercial real estate transactions.  With over a decade of sales experience in the New Orleans area, Elizabeth has earned a reputation as a tireless worker, strong negotiator and fearless representative.  Elizabeth takes pride in representing truly unique and prestigious properties at all levels of design and pedigree. 

  Elizabeth was born into real estate; having been raised in a family who dedicated their lives to residential property development in Williamsburg, Virginia.  In addition, Elizabeth brings a diverse array of life and professional experience into her business acumen.  She has traveled the world extensively while working in the fashion industry.  Elizabeth has always been interested in architecture, historic preservation and design. She brings fresh insight and innovative thinking to the tradition of home buying and selling.

  When Elizabeth McNulty represents you, her background enables her to easily integrate clients relocating to New Orleans into a society network while providing them with the best possible representation in all areas of real estate transactions.  A member of Gardner Realtors, which closed over $897 million dollars worth of sales in 2014, she is able to provide even more information and service to her clients through a team of real estate specialists.  Elizabeth’s local knowledge and market analyses skills have allowed her to identify properties with financial upside even during a low inventory market.  In her first year Elizabeth wrote over $46 million dollars in contracts.  

  Developers are drawn to Elizabeth for her ability to maximize their profits by allowing the property to present its maximum potential.  Furthermore, her unsurpassed ability to carefully plan, execute and close all transactions in a timely and professional manner has made Elizabeth known for achieving a higher sales price for her listings with less time on the market.  Her expertise at locating high potential investment properties then bringing together builders and buyers has become one of her calling cards.  A solid negotiator with innovative and creative marketing skills, she is committed to assisting her clients in gaining a maximum return on their investments, now and in the future.



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5/5 Stars

"Elizabeth was absolutely phenomenal throughout our home buying process! She was thorough, efficient, and professional. As first-time home buyers, we needed a lot of hand-holding, and Elizabeth was there for us every step of the way. She responded promptly to all of our texts and emails, even when she was out of town. She gave us her honest opinion based on her experience and steered us in the right direction at each turn. She explained every little detail to us, but avoided bogging us down with the behind-the-scenes of real estate dealings. We would wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend Elizabeth for all your real estate needs! If we ever decide to sell the perfect home she secured for us, we will definitely be contacting her to be our listing agent and to help us find a new home!"

5/5 Stars

Coco Judd
"Thank yo for the prompt response "

5/5 Stars

Eric Stathes
"Having recently moved to New Orleans, some friends recommended I engaged Elizabeth to help me find a new residence. I feel extremely lucky to have gotten that recommendation! She has been stellar! Elizabeth has a great feel for the market and she exemplifies class. Anyone would be lucky to have her as an agent and I would highly recommend her. "

5/5 Stars

Christopher Stow
"I’ve worked with Elizabeth in both buying and selling, and she is an absolute pro at both. I met Elizabeth at one of her trademark open houses, she was serving fresh fruit and talking up a storm with everyone who was walking through. I knew I had to get her when it came time to sell my home. She started working with us well before we ever put our house on market, making smart suggestions on fixes and staging we could do to really get the most for our property. She then brought us examples of comparable properties so that we could set the right price. And she got us a great photographer who made our house really stand out on Realtor. Hilariously, for our main photo, Elizabeth even brought a box fan to make the flag in the font of our house look like it was majestically blowing in the wind. Once we got our house on the market, we got an offer within the first week. It was low and Elizabeth rightly suggested we reject it. Three weeks later, we got an offer above our asking price and we accepted. The rest of the sale process went smoothly. When it came time to buy, McNulty was just as diligent a negotiator. She did her homework on the homes we were looking at, not just for the property itself and its comps, but also insights about the surrounding properties. For example, we were about to put in a full-price offer on a property, but then McNulty alerted us to a change in zoning that happened at a property down the street that was going to drastically increase street traffic. It would have been a disaster had we bought that property. In the end, she brought us to a house that had come on the market only a few hours before. It was the right house for us, we put in an offer, and we got it. Oh, and we got money off when it came time for inspections. I could not recommend Elizabeth more. "

5/5 Stars

Matthew M
"Elizabeth was amazing throughout the entire time we were searching for our first home. She always took time to explain the process at each step and made sure we stayed patient until we found the perfect fit. Detailed and professional from start to finish. Highly recommend."

5/5 Stars

Cosima Clements
"I work with Elizabeth quite often & have to say that she goes over & above on every transaction she handles. The level of skill and attention to detail that she possesses is second to none. On top of that, her clients & their happiness are of the utmost importance. The sum of all parts, is nothing short of perfection. Her assistant, Jennifer Nierman, is also one that deserves accolades as she is a great counterpart to Elizabeth. Jennifer never misses a beat & is very sharp. I love working with these two!"

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