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I have been in the real estate business for over 10 years and it is what I love. I have sold many houses ranging from &150,000. to 1,300,000.. I am a professional and experienced realtor who knows her market. For any real estate assistance please call me @ 504-723-1670.

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5/5 Stars

David Gooch
"Liz did a great job selling my home that I loved. I lived on Hurst Street for a long time & it was hard to give it up. I was very happy with Liz's expertise. She advised me to declutter & stage to get the home sellable. I would recommend Liz to all my friends that may need real estate assistance."

5/5 Stars

Drs. Jeremy & Jenna Graham
"Liz worked hard selling our !st home. We had just had a baby & we both worked. Liz had us put baby things away and to make rooms flow.. We also had a mother in law suite which she complimented in MLS. Liz used her knowledge & expert advise selling the house & found the perfect buyer,, who fell in love with our home."

5/5 Stars

Dr. Karl
"I had just joined Gardner & I was renting uptown after Hurricane Katrina. I saw two Drs. that I used to call on as a medical sales representative. They told me they were moving out of New Orleans & they had an agent. I asked if they had signed a contract & they had not. I had to prepare & make a presentation to the Drs. to sell their home. They told me immediately that I could list their home. Had broker tour & open house right away. It was listed for $750,,000 and sold it less than a month."

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