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St. Bernard

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Len is the realtor you tell your friends about! He is honest, smart and dedicated. He helped us purchase our perfect first home over six years ago and then sell that home for a 40% profit just 5 years later. This allowed us to build our dream home which Len also advised us on. He is an advocate for his clients and does his best to make the process of buying and selling a home as easy as possible. We have recommended him to multiple friends who have used him to buy and sell their homes. Call Len today you will thank me later :)

‐ Ashley Nunez February 20, 2019

Lenny is one of the best realtors you can find! My husband and I decided to go with Lenny after we had a horrible realtor. Lenny is not pushy like most realtors and the best thing we love about Lenny was he would tell you if there is something wrong with a house that most realtors would not do. He lets you take your time in deciding what is best for your family. I can’t say enough about Lenny. You will not regret having him as a realtor!

‐ Priscilla Dardar February 03, 2019

Lenny helped me sell my first house and purchase our second home. Great realtor

‐ Louis schneider February 02, 2019


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