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I wonder if Real Estate would be a good career for me?
Would my personality be a good match?
Do I have the skills to succeed?
Real Estate is a great career choice for many people. Success as a Real Estate Agent is largely a function of having appropriate levels of proficiency in certain skills and abilities. GARDNER, REALTORS offers a complimentary, quick Personality Assessment  (8-10 minutes) that measures sociability, assertiveness, achievement, dependability and emotional resilience. Click here to complete the Personality Assessment.


Sales Skills Assessment

In addition to the personality assessment, GARDNER offers a Sales Skills Assessment to determine how you would do in a real estate career. The Sales Skills Assessment is interactive and takes you through a day in the life of a Real Estate Agent and gives you real life scenarios. This assessment measures rapport building, listening & comprehension, managing the sales process, and closing skills.

Click here to complete the Sales Skills Assessment


Why use the GARDNER Career simulator?

No answer or score is right or wrong. The simulators provide you with a good indication of how you would do in a real estate career and is one of the many tools GARDNER uses to evaluate potential agents. Once the simulator is complete, one of our Sales Managers will be in touch to schedule an appointment to go over the GARDNER Advantage and your development plan.

An important step toward a career in Real Estate is being able to evaluate your relevant sales skills. Our simulators offer an assessment to help you understand where your strengths are and how to build the skills to achieve success in this business! Accelerate your success by working with our innovative tools and support team to find out what you need to hit the ground running!


Where can I learn more?

To request more information about becoming a GARDNER Real Estate Professional please contact GARDNER Realtors.


Where Do I Go Next?

The GARDNER Success System

The GARDNER Success System

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The GARDNER Advantage

The GARDNER Advantage

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