Published on 03/07/19 by Michael A. Newcomer

And that's a wrap!  Another Mardi Gras in the books after several weeks of parades, parties, and revelry.  While standing out on St. Charles Avenue with the kids safely planted in their ladders (*for those not familiar, click here), waiting for another parade to start, I got to talking with another dad about schools and doctors and restaurants.  We chatted about our favorites, referring one another with the enthusiasm of a 5-star Yelp reviewer.

Living in a world of more and more options, we find ourselves marking which places of business we prefer, from grocery stores to doctors to insurance agents.  Loyalty is the number one driving factor in repeat business - do it right the first time and the customer will come back.  Do it better the second time and the customer will you refer you for life.

As a Realtor®, I rely heavily on my referral business.  From clients all over the country, getting a phone call from someone that referred Your Neighborhood Newcomer is the best compliment to receive.  The major difference, is that often times I only have one opportunity to do it right.  Folks don't generally buy more than one home at a time, and typically they stay in that home for 3 plus years.  My business is not one of daily consumption, it takes time, but time is on your side when you are helping someone make such a huge decision.

While I live and work in New Orleans, my access to high caliber agents is only limited by you not calling.  Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or lease Real Estate in Louisiana or anywhere else, contact me and let me be your trusted Referral Agent.





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